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Mauna Kea

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Midnight sky inspired black leather moon and star cuff bracelet

The "Mauna Kea" is a cuff that is inspired by magical night skies of Mauna Kea, Hawaii! The world’s largest observatory dwells on top of this 13,796 ft. dormant volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. At such a height, the facilities find themselves above 40% of earth’s atmosphere. This allows for extraordinarily clear images of the night sky. Clouds sit well below the peak, keeping the air above dry and pristine.

This cuff embodies the stunning hues of blues and blacks of the night sky by incorporating Blue Agate Gemstones, Aquamarine Czech glass and Blue Sandstone gemstone which represents the sparkling blue stars! This cuff is finished with a moon and stars button to complete the celstial vibes of this bracelet and measures a size 6".