Green agate Essential oil diffuser leather wrap bracelet

  • $22.00

Green frosted agate gemstone and green lava rock beaded essential oil diffuser leather wrap bracelet

This essential oil bracelet features earthy green frosted agate gemstones, green lava rocks and finished off with the tree of life button. This leather wrap measures 6.5" and is adjustable to 7".

An essential oil diffuser bracelet is a stylish, portable way to benefit from aromatherapy throughout your day. Essential oils are associated with mood and health enhancing properties. The scents are said to help invigorate, relax or uplift, as well as being used to treat minor ailments like headaches.

To use your bracelet, place a small amount of essential oil on 1-3 of the lava rock beads. Make sure to apply the oil on the part of the bead that faces away from your skin. Because essential oils are very concentrated, it's best to avoid applying them directly to skin undiluted except in very specific situations

Tree of life is a timeless symbol of our connections to everything around us, and a powerful reminder that our own happiness and health are inextricably intertwined with the happiness and health of all living things